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VV.AA. – Pairs Issue 01

Diego Marcon – Three Works

Jacopo Fasolo – Nepal

Ann Böttcher – Works 2000-2020

GCG Architectes – Classic & Contemporary

Camillo Pasquarelli – Monsoons never Cross the Mountains

Marianne Vitale – The World, the Flesh and the Devil

Marton Perlaki – Soft Corners

Hidiro – H-Visions

Izumi Kato – Painting and Me

Sixteen Journal – Volume 4

Mathieu Bitton – Darker Than Blue

Fabrizio Plessi – L’età dell’oro

VV.AA. – Insight Venice

Oui Non Editions – Animal Chronicles 2021

Erwin Wurm – Self Portrait as 47 Pickels

Charles Baudelaire – The Flowers of Evil

Cecilie Skov – Catalogue

VV. AA. – Urban Center/A Room

Giovanna Silva – UN

Quentin De Briey – Thank you for your business

Youssef Nabil – Once Upon a Dream

VV. AA. – Quirino De Giorgio. An Architect’s Legacy

Jean Michel Othoniel – Alfa

Harvard Graduate School of Design – The Incidents (Re-design)

Tomás Saraceno – Aria

Renato D’Agostin – Dirt

Morphine Records – Record Sleeve

Palazzo Maffei – Photobook

Green IUAV – Rapporto di sostenibilità 2018

Gallerie Accademia Venezia – Don’t Miss These Thirty

G. Zucchetta – Venezia e il Fuoco

Clarice Pecori Giraldi – CPG

Carnets – Architecture is just a Pretext

Biennale College ASAC – Scrivere in residenza 2019

VV.AA. – Collana Loc. Fies

VV.AA. – L’Angelo degli artisti

Lorenzo Vitturi – Money Must Be Made

VV. AA. – Posturing

Fabrizio Plessi – Fenix DNA

Nicholas Muellner – Lacuna Park

Kinkaleri – All for All!

VV.AA. – Fortuny: A Family Story

Jonas Mekas – Transcript 04 44′ 14”: Lithuania and the Collapse of the URSS

Karla Hiraldo Voleau – Hola Mi Amol

Louis De Belle – Disappearing Objects

VV. AA. – Epoca Fiorucci

VV. AA. – Era Mare

VV. AA. – Futuruins

Harvard Graduate School of Design – The Incidents

Lithuanian Pavilion (Venice Biennale 2019 – Golden Lion) – Sun&Sea Marina

M-L-XL – Printing is Painting

Felicity Hommond – Property

Christoph Wohlfahrt – The Year of the Dog

Hotel Metropole – Photobook

Black Letter Press – Book series

VV. AA. – Dancing With Myself